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VOCE (Vardan Ovsepian Chamaber Ensemble) 

was formed in 2005 in Boston, and is now based in Los Angeles. 

VOCE's provocative arrangements integrate elements of three traditions: 

western classical forms, jazz improvisation, and folk elements from different lands. 

The compositions range from darkly epic and driving, to playful and contemplative, 

varying in length from vignettes to longer suites. 

“Beautiful sound design...wall to wall melody…ingenious incorporation of the piano 

into the ensemble”  

- Drew Gress about VOCE 

in 2017 VOCE has received the Chamber Music America Grant for New Jazz Works program 

- funded by the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation (New York, NY) 2017


Dreaming Paris

Theme and Variations


Vardan Ovsepian - piano/compositions

Daphne Chen - violin

Tylana Renga - violin

Lauren Baba - viola

Miguel Atwood-Ferguson - viola

Artyom Manukyan - cello

Ryan McGillicuddy - bass

Gavin Salmon - percussion

Zach Harmon - percussion



dreaming paris cover.jpg
VOCE - voce.jpeg


Vardan Ovsepian - piano,

Maeve Gilchrist - celtic harp, 
Yulia Musayelyan - flute, 

Martin Haroutunian - duduk/shvi, 
Megumi Sasaki - violin, 

Andrew Eng - violin, 

Fabrizio Mazzetta - cello, 
Joshua Davis - bass, 
Take Toriyama - percussion


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