Fractal Limit




Tatiana Parra (voice) 

Vardan Ovsepian (piano)

Tatiana Parra (voice) and Vardan Ovsepian (piano)

unite to explore further innovative territories

in the art of duo. 

The character of the newly 

written and arranged works is underlined by a duality,

balancing the contrapuntal complexity with lyricism.



“These are two masterful musicians who together are pure bliss! Their music creates the moods: daring, suspense and adventure for a solid session”   

-  Dr. Oscar Groomes (O’s Place Jazz Magazine)



“Lighthouse is a rare delight that must be heard and appreciated on its own merits”   

- David Luhrssen (



“Few pianists can play complicated melodies with as much dexterity as Parra, but she has found a worthy counterpart in Ovsepian, a musician whose contrapuntal brilliance will complement her on their upcoming album”   

– Gary Fukushima (LA Weekly)

Fractal Limit wins the Achava Jazz Award’s first transcultural prize 

September 2017, Erfurt Germany





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