"Vardan brings his own sound and ingredients... I have never heard any musician quite like him in terms of harmonic awareness and melodic power. I suspect that he will prove to be quite a sensation..."    


"He is a singular musician that is developing a highly personal and sophisticated expression, and is one of the few musicians of his generation that will help define the future course of jazz."






"Having had the chance to play with him, (and to record with him) I can only say that he is 'the real deal, and the whole package."




“Beautiful sound design...wall to wall melody…ingenious incorporation of the piano into the ensemble”  


about VOCE (Vardan Ovsepian Chamber Ensemble)

“…his music combined the modern jazz sensibilities of Jarrett and Mehldau on tunes like “Autumn Leaves” and “There Is No Greater Love,” but an Eastern European agony crept into these pieces which cast an intriguing and penetrating light on the standards. Even more alluring was his original “Dreaming Paris” and the Russian Composition “Barber Of Siberia” which included deep hued romance and passionate brooding like a Dostoevsky novel, segueing from the pensive melodies to the ruminating solos…”


                                                                                 - BY GEORGE W. HARRIS


“…All CDs demonstrate Ovsepian's fondness for bringing European classical and other outside influences to jazz improvisation to create music both elegant and uniquely his own…”

                   BOSTON GLOBE

                   - BY BILL BEUTTLER




 “…Anyone with an allegiance to the ECM sound will find a great deal to like on these two quartet albums - the windblown pastels, the serious dramas and the clear thematic arcs…”


             - REVIEW OF 'AKUNC' & 'SKETCH BOOK'

               - BY GREG BUIUM




“…What this album does, very successfully, is integrate jazz and classical into a form of music that is simultaneously cerebral and soothing…”


                   - REVIEW OF ‘AKUNC'

                - BY ROMAN ST. JAMES




“…There's a pianist out of Boston who made a beautiful record for the Fresh Sound label called 'Sketch Book'; his name is Vardan Ovsepian…”


                - BRAD MEHLDAU




“…Sketch Book' is an interesting recital that is warm and intelligent in more of a classical than a jazz sense, mostly impressionistic textures with wordless female vocals. If you're looking for something based on the Blues, you won't find it here…”



                     REVIEW OF 'SKETCH BOOK'




“…When Ovsepian improvises on keyboard, his style has the sort of precise expansiveness of players such as Keith Jarrett, who rides upon uneven tempos, searching for moments to burst the bubble of form. Ovsepian's music shifts easily between passages that reveal his classical technique and those that showcase his obvious affection for the interpretive opportunities of jazz…”


                     PORTLAND PRESS HERALD

                    - BY STEVE FEENEY